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I am a mix of Cali + Island girl vibes and my approach to life of keeping things simple and enjoying the little things is the essence of my photography. 
I absolutely love being an intimate couples photographer, because that true connection and those candid moments are my favorite type of magic!
I've been told my laugh is contagious and I have a gift for making people feel at ease. 
So if you hire me as your photographer, just know that I got you. Your session will be laid back and fun. 
I live in San Diego, California but I am passport ready with a love for travel around the US and Carribean Islands.

I'm Candice

hello sunshine!

I believe images matter.
Because we believe what we see.
What we see, shapes the stories we tell ourselves.
And those narratives affect the quality of our lives and overall happiness. 
My passion is to create images that show the soft side of love for ALL women, especially women of color and particularly black women. Because we ALL deserve "romcom" vibes!
There is a lack in representation of women of color being seen as feminine, beautiful, loved, cherished and adored. Too often we're the face of struggle and sacrifice or our sexuality is objectified. And I hope to change that! Or at least contribute to the change of it! 
My plan is to document 200 couples. I want to tell love stories that will inspire our culture and communities to love self and one another, better.
After our session, if you walk away with images that act as an ongoing reminder of how genuinely good your love and life looks and feels, then my heart is full and my job is done.

Sessions feel easy like a Sunday morning. You will decide the level of sensuality you'd like me to capture for you. Whether it's a playful "PG" session or an erotic "MA" session (or somewhere in between.) It's au naturale - the lighting, the mood, and the flow.

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